3D Laser Level Scanner
3D Laser Level Scanner

The high performance 3DPro2500 Laser Level Scanner is based on the components of a 2D laser scanner and a swiveling platform which is powered by a servo-drive. A high resolution encoder on the servo-drive measures the angle of rotation of the platform and by connection of the 2D laser data with the encoder data, high precision 3D profile measurements are produced.

  • Grain, seed, and feed
  • Food and beverage processing:
  • Ethanol and bioenergy:
  • Power plants:
  • Aggregates and cement:
  • Concrete batch plants:
  • Mining operations:
  • Metal manufacturing:
  • Chemical processing:
  • Pulp, paper, or wood pellets:
  • Plastics and resins:
  • High accuracy, high resolutionli
  • Real time surface level, volume and mass values
  • Generates a 3D image of the material photograph
  • Reports minimum, maximum, and average distances
  • Wide range of applications
  • User-friendly software system
  • Simple installation
  • Laser wavelength: Infrared 905nm

  • Laser safety class: 1(IEC 60825-1:2014, EN60825-1:2014)

  • Application: bulk solid, grains, powders 

  • Measuring range:50m

  • Measurement accuracy: ±1mm

  • Volume and Mass accuracy:±5%

  • Smoke adjustment: With

  • Filter: Smoke filter, particle filter, mean value filter

  • Laser scan frequency:25Hz,35Hz,50Hz,75Hz,100Hz (Optional)

  • Laser angle resolution: 0.1667º, 0.25 º, 0.333 º, 0.5 º, 0.667 º, 1 º (Optional)

  • Platform rotation angle: -90 º…90 º (settable) 

  • Laser measurement angle:190 º

  • Ambient light resistance: 70000lx

  • Power supply: 220VAC

  • Process temperature: -30 º C~60 º C

  • Ambient temperature: -40 º C~75 º C

  • Process pressure:0…2bar 

  • Communication: Ethernet/ Ethernet to fiber

  • Housing material: Plastic coated carbon steel

  • Protection: IP67 

  • Weight: 21Kg

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