Customer Service

One of the guiding principles at Connetech, from the very first day, has been the belief that we want to be "easy to do business with.”

It means we pride ourselves on finding solutions to our customers' needs; not simply providing a product. It means as a custom manufacturer, we understand our partners will come to us with different requests. Instead of turning these away, we engage, embrace and relish the opportunity associated with solving some of the industry level measurement challenges. With complementary skills, a shared vision, equal commitment and steady support, we believe we have the keys to a successful and prosperous partnership.

It means we are flexible. It means adapting, adjusting and accommodating to the needs of our partners because no two are the same and all have unique requirements. With thousands of installations in the past ten years, Connetech most likely already has the procedures to handle your request. From determining your needs, to the production schedule, we collaborate with our customers throughout the entire process to ensure all of the requirements, specifications, materials, dimensions and special requests have been met before any product arrives at your facility.

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